Matrix IT Will Market Cybowall Security

Matrix IT has teamed up with Cybowall – an Israeli cybersecurity start-up that provides an end-to-end, AI-based, information security solution against cyber-attacks and monitoring for network breaches. Matrix Software Products division will market Cybowall’s security solution amongst its customers starting from July.

Cyber-attacks and information security vulnerabilities have become one of the major threats facing organizations. Israeli companies are exposed to foreign cyber-attacks that could lead to information disclosure, data leaks, harm the organization’s day-to-day work, and cause costly damages.

“Over the past year we have supported our customers by quickly adapting information systems to the rapidly changing and unexpected requirements we have to endure in the face of growing threats. Despite the many advanced defense efforts and software solutions, countless companies remain vulnerable to different cyber-attacks. As part of our responsibility to provide solutions in a variety of areas for our customers, we have sought a quality and comprehensive security solution which we found in Cybowall”.

Amir Harel, VP and Business Development Leader at Matrix IT Software Products

Cybowall had set itself the goal of changing the way organizations react to cyber-attacks. Utilizing artificial intelligence and other security tools, their unique technology autonomously learns new attacks, proactively prevents cyber breaches, and works to minimize the damage caused after an attack. The platform acts as a protective shell against various threats using a variety of IT engines and enables the organization’s response in different sectors through simple installation.

The collaboration with a leading technology company such as Matrix is yet another sign that we have a quality and unique solution on our hands. We welcome this collaboration and are confident that together we can reduce information security costs amongst organizations and comprehensively address the existing need for greater security in the market with a solution from an Israeli company.”

Ziv Simhon, VP of Sales at Cybowall

About Matrix-IFS

Matrix-IFS is a strategic advisory, solutions, and services IT company specializing in security, regulation, and technological compliance, mostly for financial institutions and regulatory entities. Matrix-IFS is a subsidiary of Matrix. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It serves large financial enterprises around the world, helping them cope with cyber risks, fraud and regulatory compliance, and other challenges.

About Cybowall

Cybowall is a non-intrusive, agentless solution that continuously monitors your network across all protocols and extends to all endpoints. It combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in one solution to monitor and protect IT networks in real-time, detecting and reacting to threats as they arise, providing a unified defense platform against a continuously evolving threat landscape.