Advisory Board

Provides high level of intellectual and strategic guidance

Dan Halutz

Air Force lieutenant, Israel

Former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, and lieutenant general and commander of the Israeli Air Force.

Professor Sarit Kraus

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Head of Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University. Bride of the Art-Science-Culture Award.

Moshe Amiel

Former Head of ICT & Cyber Division

Head of ICT & Cyber Division at the Prime Minister Office, and Head of Technology & Information Directorate at the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Hezi Kalo

Former CEO of the Bank of Israel

Former CEO of the Bank of Israel. Internship in IT at Harvard University.

Orna Mintz-Dov

Co-founding and the management

Successful Entrepreneur. Experience in co-founding and the management of successful software companies.

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