Unified Cybersecurity Platform

Cybowall covers the 3 segments of Cybersecurity: Pre-attack, During attack, Post-attack, for monitoring and protecting organizations. CyboWall protects your network in real time; detecting and reacting to threats as they arise.

Cybowall Features

  • Get an overall vision on company’s various assets that are connected to its network and are assigned with IP addresses.
  • Review vulnerabilities in operating systems and software across network elements.
  • Monitor network communications to detect lateral movement, anomalies, and active breaches.
  • Monitor access to organization’s sensitive information.
  • Use of network traps (HoneyPot) to identify lateral movement and attack vectors.
  • Inspect network events and incidents for further investigation.
  • Monitor and manage IT assets through a powerful dashboard.
  • Scan and detect suspected malware.

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CYBOWALL is committed to protecting organizations of all sizes. Whether securing the IP reputations of some of the largest Service Provider networks in the world

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Cybowall is a non-intrusive, agentless solution, Cybowall combines multiple cybersecurity functions and capabilities in one solution