CyboSOC is a cloud-based management application tailored to manage several CyboWall through one dashboard. CyboSOC has been created to allow MSP / MSSP organization who are servicing end customers, to manage and monitor few CyboWall entities with one management application.

CyboSOC Superior management platform allows

Connecting all CyboWall entities that are spread across end customers’ sites and multisite organizations, whether they are deployed on premise (Agentless) or operational through a cloud (Agent based).

CyboSOC Features

  • Remote monitoring and management over different end-customers’ entities which operate CyboWall under one management platform.
  • Clear vision on ongoing breach attempts in every CyboWall assigned end-user site.
  • Remote analysis of ongoing alerts and events of every remotely monitored CyboWall, including visibility on Cyber-attacks over these entities.
  • Remote management of every CyboWall end-user, with assignment of new tenants, billing, and invoicing procedures.

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CYBOWALL is committed to protecting organizations of all sizes. Whether securing the IP reputations of some of the largest Service Provider networks in the world