CyboLight combine several Cyber Security engines to address the Pre-attack readiness initiative at organizations’ networks. CyboLight is a licenses-limited version of CyboWall that provides a clear vision on the IT network, its total asset view and vulnerabilities throughout.

CyboLite Features

  • Get an overall vision on company’s various assets that are connected to its network and are assigned with IP addresses.
  • Vulnerability Management: Monitor business assets and identify vulnerable systems, applications and services inside the network, including risk level (Anti-virus, Windows updates, Firewall).
  • Monitor software inventory across all licensed hosts in the network.
  • Default/Weak Passwords: Pinpoint and change default/weak passwords to reduce risks.
  • Asset Mapping: Dynamic asset map of all managed and unmanaged devices, port profiles and activities.

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CYBOWALL is committed to protecting organizations of all sizes. Whether securing the IP reputations of some of the largest Service Provider networks in the world